Our services

Wastewater treatment and sewerage

We build small biological plants as well as extensive combined mechanical and biological plants that service municipalities of all sizes, while we also deliver industrial-grade wastewater treatment plants and facilities for treating wastewater from agricultural operations or other sources of high levels of water pollution. We also carry out remediation works, reconstructions, additions and extensions, and efficiency upgrades to existing operations. Each individual facility is designed in accordance with the particular specifications of the water to be treated and the specific requirements of the client.

Potable water treatment and water mains

We treat raw water and ensure that it meets the statutory requirements for use by consumers. We are well aware of the differing specifications of raw water from different sources and adjust processing accordingly (chlorination, treatment by ozone and/or UV light, demineralisation).

Operation of water management facilities

Our company provides superior services in the operation of water management facilities. In doing so, we help municipalities to meet the demands of their stakeholders from among potable water consumers and wastewater producers. Thanks to us, municipalities can achieve the best conditions for their continued development.

Project design

We provide project design and engineering services for the water management industry, with a special focus on the technical and technological side of wastewater treatment and potable water treatment and transport. Our specialists can provide, for example, building and installation documentation, quality documentation as well as the drawing up of operating and handling rules.

Other construction projects

Our company can deliver projects in the spheres of building construction and transport infrastructure, such as the building of commercial, industrial and agricultural premises, reconstructions of historical buildings, electrical installations, installations of steel structures and even modifications of roundabouts.